The storytelling app for families

Storie harks back to the time when we sat around the fire sharing stories - telling, listening, and retelling stories​

Create new stories, characters, illustrations and maps​

Explore wondrous worlds and alternate realities

Family & friends

Storie is a small community of your extended family and close friends

Entertain your family and friends with flights of imagination​

Share the sense of wonder that stories bring out in your children

Write together

Create stories for and with your children

Take classic or new stories and customize/extend them

Record voices and messages from the extended family within the story

Work together on school book projects with classmates and friends​​

Illustrate & annotate

Create and color your own illustrations

Change each other’s illustrations

Make live maps of the story world

Annotate the story with text, images and emojis​


Storie delivers a rich, immersive experience with a state of the art UX design integrated with an AI/ML story engine that is deployed on an infinitely scalable, distributed multicloud architecture.

Read, write and code - use a simple markdown based editor to create a rich textual experience

Infinite Canvas - a zoomable interface that spans the entire book

Layered information - multiple layers of informations to enrich the reading experience

Peritext - create maps, character bios, historical and geographical notes to fully amp out the entire world

Creative commons licensing - license your creations to openly collaborate with other creators to share, use, and build upon each others work

Scalable annotations and highlights - share notes and highlights within your family and friends

AI/ML based NLP based story engine to auto generate storylines


Storie deploys multiple network and application security measures to provide a comprehensive defense posture for the product and the app. Storie also uses AI based technology to moderate and review story content shared on the app.

All stories and content are moderated carefully with AI and parental review

Parents have full control over all money-related activities in the app

Invite only - no one other than folks you invite can participate in the story world

The app is compliant with Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule ("COPPA") and General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR")

Coming Soon​​

Donutland is a custom built iOS app - a book and a story world designed specifically for the iPad, to create a new experience for readers that only a digital text can provide. This app is your local copy to change and annotate as you would do a physical book.

Notify me when the Donutland app is released

About us

Storie is a publisher of original digital stories.

Over the last decade books have been going through a transition from a print only form to a digital+ existence. Storie is working on technologies that will improve the digital reading and writing experience.